Marketing a 25 Million dollar sublime estate

The project, Eagle’s Nest Estate, was centered around developing an interactive website for an exclusive property located on San Juan Island, part of the Gulf Islands, offering breathtaking views of Mount Baker and the Canadian Gulf Islands. This property, situated just off the coast of Seattle, was being marketed to potential buyers through this platform. My involvement spanned various critical aspects of the website’s creation, including logo design, photography, content development, and video production.

Logo Design and Collaboration


The logo design process began with an in-depth understanding of the property’s unique selling points and the target audience’s preferences. Collaborating closely with the web developer, we brainstormed ideas that could encapsulate the essence of the property in a simple yet evocative design.


We decided on a minimalist logo that combined natural elements representative of San Juan Island’s landscape with modern typography. This balance aimed to reflect both the tranquility of the location and the modern luxury of the property.


The logo went through several iterations, with feedback loops between the developer, the client, and me, ensuring the final design perfectly aligned with the website’s aesthetic and purpose.

Aerial Dronography and High-Resolution Photography

Aerial Dronography:

Utilizing drone technology, I captured aerial shots of the property, showcasing its expansive layout and the stunning surrounding landscapes. These images highlighted the property’s secluded yet accessible location, providing potential buyers with a bird’s-eye view of their future home.

High-Resolution Stills:

Alongside aerial photography, I conducted a thorough photo shoot of the property using high-resolution cameras. These photographs covered various angles and times of the day to fully capture the property’s architectural beauty and the interplay of light and shadow.

Content Development and Award-Winning Video Production

Content Development:

I crafted the website’s written content to convey the property’s allure, blending compelling narratives with technical details. This content aimed to engage visitors, providing them with all the information needed to appreciate the property’s value.

High-Resolution Video:

The centerpiece of the content strategy was a high-resolution video tour of the property. This video combined aerial footage, interior walkthroughs, and scenic shots of the surrounding landscape, accompanied by a narrative that highlighted the property’s features and the lifestyle it offered.

Award Recognition:

The video not only served as a critical marketing tool but also received accolades, winning an award for the best new construction rehabilitation design of the year. This recognition underscored the video’s effectiveness in showcasing the property’s design and appeal.


This comprehensive involvement in the project—from the initial design discussions to the creation of award-winning content—played a pivotal role in developing an interactive platform that not only presented the property in the best light but also engaged and captivated potential buyers. Through a combination of technical expertise, creative vision, and close collaboration with the development team, I contributed to a project that set a new standard for marketing exclusive properties online.