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Marketing mind of a spammer

Email is not dead. Blogs are far from dead. Social Media is certainly not a trend. (In fact, discussing Social Media is passé.) Twitter is not dead… neither is tumblr, posterous, friendfeed, etc. You get my point.

What is dead: junk or Spam. Spam is dead. If you have spam in your office or spam-related activity in your office, it’s killing your business. There, I said it. One piece of junk after another. It doesn’t matter if you think it is spam. It’s what I think is spam, because I’m the one receiving it and being interrupted by it. If I electronically receive something I didn’t ask for, or if I receive something that annoys me into submission, it’s spam.

spam is dead

spam is dead

I noticed something about the mind of a spammer. They actually believe what they are doing is work. They believe that the email junk they are sending is commensurate with “hard work.”

There’s something to be said for the table scraps of revenue or the people receiving the junk that are actually converted to business. But, to this I ask, do you really want or need them as clients? Personally, I’d rather work a few extra hours a week and forge meaningful, thoughtful and lasting relationships than scrape up extra revenue for the short-term—but that is me.

Here’s the truth:

If you interrupt someone, it may convert to a sale, a phone call or even a date. But it’s not going to make you relevant in the apparent and obvious shift in attention for eyeballs and market share in the digital age.

I just started using MailChimp for a client and this comes from them. It is well worth thinking about. (Especially if you have the smallest notion that you might be a spammer.)

For one thing, people have different preferences about how they consume information. Some people want to come to your site and browse your latest posts;
some are interested in what others are saying in the comments; and some just want to skim your content via RSS and never visit your site at all. There’s another group of
people that prefer reading your blog in their email clients. It’s true! They may not have many sites they care enough about to warrant managing a feed reader, or they just
like getting email instead of visiting your blog. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice opt to offer your readers so they can engage with you in the way that suits them best.

Again, just because you have the ability to hit send or send text messages (heaven forbid… ugh)… doesn’t mean you should.

Virtual elegance

Video and marketing luxury property is something that most agents use.

Of course it’s an extremely effective medium when done well. But when it’s not done well, it is just not very good. I think the biggest reason is because of people trying to push as many of them out as possible. (much like spam.)

But when done right, it creates a stunning effect. Below is a video by Virtual Movie Tour, a company in Dallas, TX. Personally, I think this captures the the audible and visual senses perfectly. Maybe, it’s because I like the music. But doesn’t that play into the reason people buy things in the first place? Emotion?

The website is here: Virtual Movie Tour and their Virtual Movie Tour YouTube channel is here.