Does luxury real estate have a status quo?

It’s exciting to enter not just a “new year”,  but also a new decade (I know,  I know…some people maintain that the “real” new decade doesn’t start until 2011).

Perhaps we could look back at the past nine years, though, and recognize all that we have learned. For one thing, if we thought there was such a thing as the status quo, we are surely aware now that the only thing we can count on is “change.” Since Heraclitus was reminding us of this, thousands of years ago, in Ancient Greece, we don’t seem to be quick learners, do we!

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So…change is the thing we can count on for sure. Notice, it doesn’t say whether good or bad, just change. The entire method of communication has become instant — on/off, act/react. Computer speak demands speed. Ever more important, then, that we remind ourselves that in this instantaneous world we are also in control of our editing function.  What is it that we wish to focus on?  Current thought in physics maintains that we create our world, not vice versa.  Hmm…change, we’re in charge, we only have the “now”…sounds like a blueprint shaping up, here, for the roadmap of the immediate!

Simple biz practices remain in place: as communicators of luxury real estate offerings our “to do” list remains the same:  we are the clean and shiny pipe between two people, the seller and the buyer.

Yes, sellers need to understand that price points are different. Yes, buyers need to know that quality properties are not in huge numbers, and so their offers need to be realistic, reflecting current conditions, and should not be below market. There is always value, at all times, and the real estate interpreter is there to guide the two halves of the equation. It’s still a win/win scenario out there!

In this global marketplace, however, one needs to use all options to get the information from the seller’s location into the buyer’s knowledge bank. This means excellent photography, exposure in targeted print media with a provable customer database, virtual tours/slide shows/quality video on websites, partnerships with real estate agents seeking the same target market, no matter where they are in the world (it’s that “global village”, remember),  a specific social media marketing presence…you get the drift.  It’s just biz as usual, and we use all things, although perhaps at different times and with a different weighting.

There is no “one” magic thing that works for all things.  It’s a blending of everything that creates our differentiation from competitors in our specific regions, and also brings us to the attention of those real estate partners, in different locales, plus to the attention of our customers.  Nothing new here!

What is it the Buddhists say?  “Start where you are.”  Yes, we need to add new items to our kit bags, but it’s still about us, our knowledge base of our inventory, our understanding of our client, our perspective that will help our buyers, our willingness to go the distance that will benefit our sellers…nothing new there, either.

Excellence in customer service has always been the watchword.

At this very beginning moment of 2010, it’s important to remind ourselves that we are creative beings, and we can flow with the change…it’s about trust, really, and that’s what our clients want from us, too, as their real estate agent.  Let’s return the favour to ourselves!

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