The leaders in luxury

If you haven’t read Tribes, you should. (actually all of his books are worth reading)Tribes by Seth Godin

Here is an excerpt from Seth Godin‘s bestselling book, Tribes which is terrific book about leadership in today’s world. This excerpt is in reference to real estate professionals:

In the middle of the mortgage crisis, I spent some time with a few thousand Realtors at their annual convention. What I discovered might surprise you. The group was completely split.

Some of the Realtors saw what the media, Bear Stearns, the banks, and the public were doing to them and to their hard-won careers. They were angry (even bitter) about the end of a long run of increasing housing prices, and they were scared about their futures. These Realtors didn’t know how they were going to cope with what had happened. Thew wanted to manage their careers, but change was making it impossible.

The other Realtors were palpably excited. They were eager to get to work. They saw the change in the outside world as an opportunity, a chance for them to dramatically increase their business. They knew that the current problems wouldn’t last forever, and they understood that the problems would wipe out the opportunity seekers, leaving the professionals standing. Some 10 or 20 per cent of the Realtors were going to quit, and the leaders, the ones who were going stay, realized that this change was a very good thing. The same way soldiers realize that it’s war that makes generals, these brokers were ready and motivated to use change as a chance to really wreak some havoc on the status quo. (pgs 87,88)

As we leave the recession for better times, I look forward to working with the agents and brokers in the third paragraph of this excerpt. It is not only true in real estate, but all luxury services.

Good bye to opportunity seekers :)

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