Communication Pace

You can find tons and tons of articles about the “death of print” and how the digital age and our connected economy has caused an intense sea change, but you don’t read a whole lot about the personality types of the people in their respective industries.

I’m wondering if there is a specific personally type that thrives or, for lack of a better word, dies due to the proliferation of our social media and digitalization. I think there must be.

Obviously, those caught in between the “fold” — ha ha — are clearly responsible for their own mind-changing, however from my observations, there are clearly 2 kinds of people (in regards to communication): those who are quick- and those who are not.

You can also find quite a bit on email etiquette and SMS etiquette, however this is not about that. I do think there is a huge correlation between the digital native’s connectiveness and the older generation’s lack there of– but, at the same time, I think that it’s a fairly easy skill to acquire… if armed with the adequate tools: Internet connection & a computer.

So I do wonder if it’s really anyone else’s fault except their own for watching the technology soar by. It’s hard, for sure. Challenging, too. I’m not saying that speed is essential to using technology, but I’m certainly saying that being proficient at using the most fundamental social networking tool is critical to this brave new world.

There is a lot to be said for the speed at which someone reply’s to an email. I think it shows a certain respect for technology that it is often lost with the notion that “technology is for our younger generation.” While some of this may be true, it stands to reason that the younger generation certainly inherited the older generation’s communication preferences.

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