Artisan Branding

Artisan Branding

Artisan Branding is an independently-owned luxury web design, graphic design, photography & App development company, specializing in luxury branding with hand-crafted, finely tuned niche-oriented content with ultra-high resolution imagery, photography and design elements.Web design, iPhone App Development, photography and marketing materials are all individually derived, constructed, proofed & curated by hand in Thousand Oaks, California.History

Established in 2010.

Founded in 2010, Artisan Branding has remained true to its original vision of creating high-quality websites, professionally branded photographs and clear, carefully constructed, tailored marketing messages that remain in sync with their clients and their prospects.

Artisan Branding began as a website development company catering to the niche-oriented high-end market. Instead of “churn”, our vision was and is to bring about the business owner’s personality through the digital and physical world by working one on one with the client.

Artisan Branding was borne of the notion that niche-markets do not warrant templates. Niche-business owners demand uniquely crafted marketing platforms and imagery that evolve and tell an authentic tale worth believing.

Our vision is to shine a light on the business owner’s unique and creative personality through the web, their print marketing and advertising. Our vision remains true: No gimmicks & authenticity rules perception.

About Alex Beattie

I am the owner, operator and founder of Artisan Branding. I design every detail, photograph every image and design every logo for my clients.

I’ve built a professional career based upon many years in the high end print advertising industry. This brand experience led me to Southern California to pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavor in the field of web design, app development, high-end corporate branding and commercial photography.

Through the good fortune of working with highly distinguished clients in their respective field I have been able to define a career in the niche-marketing, fast-paced career of web design and content marketing.

I am currently based in Thousand Oaks, California and you can find me around the web here:

Alex Beattie

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